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Introducing Service and Creative Skills Australia (SaCSA)

January 25, 2024

After three months of intense work and stakeholder engagement, we’re delighted to announce that as of 31 January 2024, SkillsEQuipped will be adopting a new trading name as we launch our official brand Service and Creative Skills Australia or SaCSA for short.

Whilst we may look and sound different, everything we do remains the same. Our new brand is more than just a design, it’s the foundation for consistency, representation and impact.

As the collective voice for the Arts, Personal Services, Retail, Tourism & Hospitality industries, we connect industry, unions and government, to create a stronger and more strategic education and training sector.

We look forward to working with you to shape our workforce of tomorrow.



What is happening?

From 31 January 2024, SkillsEQuipped will be changing our trading name to “Service and Creative Skills Australia (SaCSA)” and launching our official brand identity and visuals.

Our legal name, mission and commitment to the work we do, all remain the same.

Why is this happening?

The SkillsEQuipped brand was initially developed to launch the organisation and act as a starting point for the business to get up and running.

Feedback from engaged stakeholders, industry, and government throughout this branding project as well as anecdotally over the past three months, has reaffirmed that the SkillsEQuipped brand and the visual identity did not resonate with our audiences.

Over a series of brand development workshops, and stakeholder testing sessions, the name SaCSA, and accompanying brand visuals, garnered resounding support from stakeholders in both official and anecdotal testing. Stakeholders felt it far better represented our work as a Jobs and Skills Council and our perceived status, working alongside Union, Government and Industry.

What if I have more questions about SaCSA?

You can contact our team via the contact us page.

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