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Shaping the Future of Service and Creative Workforces

As the Jobs and Skills Council for the Arts, Personal Services, Retail, Tourism, and Hospitality sectors, Service and Creative Skills Australia (SaCSA) plays a vital role in ensuring Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) system delivers the best outcomes for learners and employers.

What is a Jobs and Skills Council?

Jobs and Skills Councils (JSCs) are industry owned and led not-for-profit organisations, that work in a tripartite arrangement with Government, industry and unions to provide leadership in addressing skills and workforce needs, ensuring a collaborative approach to finding solutions to skills gaps and workforce challenges.

Funded by the Australian Government and managed by the Department of Employment and Workplace relations, ten JSCs have been established to represent and champion a range of in demand sectors. 

SaCSA is proud to represent the Arts, Personal Services, Retail, Tourism and Hospitality industries serving as a strategic voice for advocating for a VET sector that meets the evolving needs of the workforce.

What do JSC's do?

All JSCs have four core functions:

Workforce Planning

We identify, forecast, and respond to current, emerging, and future workforce challenges and opportunities within our sectors. This function forms the foundation of our activities.

Training Product Development

We develop responsive and flexible training products that meet industry requirements. We pilot emerging training products and test innovative approaches to meet the needs of RTOs, industry, and learners.

Implementation, Promotion & Monitoring

We partner with training providers and employers to promote and monitor the impact of training product development and implementation, focusing on meeting the needs of our industries.

Industry Stewardship

We serve as a source of intelligence on workforce issues, providing strategic advice on skills and workforce needs within the sectors we represent and the effectiveness of VET system policies and standards.

Meet the JSCs

Become a Collaborator

Join our community of SaCSA Collaborators, and stay up to date with our work in the Arts, Personal Services, Retail, Tourism and Hospitality sectors. 

Stakeholder Engagement

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We host a wide range of forums, roundtable discussions, webinars, events and other stakeholder engagement activities to gain feedback and insights from the industry we partner with.

To find out what events are upcoming, head to our News & Events section.