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SHB, SFL, SIF, SIT, SIR: Unit Currency Audit

Service and Creative Skills Australia (SaCSA) will undertake a review of units of competency within the Personal Services and Tourism, Hospitality and Retail sectors.


SaCSA will be conducting a full audit and review of superseded and deleted units of competency in the SHB Hair and Beauty, SFL Floristry, SIF Funeral Services, SIT Tourism, Travel & Hospitality and SIR Retail sectors to ensure the training package is up-to-date and meets the needs of stakeholders.

The audit and review will identify if the units of competency will require minor or major updates as outlined within the Training Package Products Development and Endorsement Process Policy (TPP DEPP).

Project Details

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This Project has two primary objectives:

  • To identify and report on whether the superseded/deleted units of competency are equivalent or non-equivalent to their successor unit of competency within the following training packages:
    • SHB – Hairdressing & Beauty Training Package
    • SFL – Floristry Training Package
    • SIF – Funeral Services Training Package
    • SIT- Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Training Package
    • SIR- Retail Services
  • To make updates, as appropriate, to ensure that qualifications, skill sets and units of competency within the training package are referencing current units of competency.

SaCSA conducted an initial review of 63 qualifications and 60 skill sets within the above training packages. It was identified that whilst there are 783 units of competency that are current (including imported units of competency) there are 157 units of competency that are superseded and a further 13 units of competency that are deleted from the training packages. The training packages listed above were last updated between 2013 – 2022.

Across the training packages, there are a total of 170 units of competency that require review, to determine if the superseded unit is equivalent to the update (current) unit, or if there is a need/requirement to update a superseded (or deleted) units that are non-equivalent. For example, SHB20216 Certificate II in Salon Assistant has eight core units and five of those units are superseded. In another example, SHB50216 Diploma of Salon Management, there are 23 units of competency (core and elective) and 19 units of competency are superseded.

Whilst the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) and Western Australian Training Accreditation Council (WA TAC) issue guidance to RTOs about delivery of current, superseded, and deleted units of competency, it is the responsibility of the Jobs and Skills Councils (JSCs) to update qualifications and skills sets to ensure that units of competency are current, fit for purpose and aligned to industry needs.

There are three ways you can become involved with this project.

  1. Contact us regarding our projects using the Contact us form.
  2. By registering to “Become a collaborator” you will be provided with regular updates on the project and there will be opportunities to provide feedback. If you would like to stay abreast of the project and contribute to the consultation, please complete the Become a Collaborator form
  3. As required by the TPP DEPP, we will be establishing a Technical Committee for this project. Visit our Technical Committee page to learn more, or submit an expression of interest to join a Technical Committee. 

SaCSA’s consultation strategy is in line with the TPP DEPP requirements and structure.

SaCSA will engage with a range of stakeholders throughout the project, including:

  • Strategic Workforce Advisory Groups (SWAGS)
  • Technical Committee
  • Employers
  • Peak bodies and/or Associations
  • Unions
  • Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments
  • Registered Training Organisation
  • Educational experts
  • Other Jobs and Skills Councils, as required


Extensive stakeholder engagement with industry representatives from the Personal Services, Hospitality, Tourism, Travel and Retail sectors identified a high volume of units of competency that are superseded or deleted within the qualifications and/or skill sets.  

SaCSA is undertaking a desktop review of all qualifications across SHB – Hairdressing & Beauty, SFL – Floristry, SIF – Funeral Services, SIT – Tourism, Travel and Hospitality, SIR – Retail, focussing on a comprehensive audit of superseded and deleted units of competency which may require either minor or major updates. SaCSA will not be auditing current units of competency within the SHB, SFL, SIF, SIT, SIR Training Packages.

Project approved for commencement: May 2024. 

Timeline: May to July 2024

SaCSA will undertake a review of the five Training Packages with focus on the 170 units of competency to identify if they are equivalent or non-equivalent to the unit of competency that has replaced it. SaCSA will provide a report on whether these units will require a minor or major change (as defined by the TPP DEPP).

Timeline: July to August 2024

SaCSA will conduct consultation with industry and stakeholders to develop understanding of context and historical changes around the units of competency and inform the next steps of the project.

During this stage, if it is non-contentious to do so, superseded units will be listed for replacement with their current version

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Timeline: August 2024 – February 2025

SaCSA will collate the information gathered during this activity to inform the final submission to DEWR to update units of competency that have been found to be superseded and equivalent. In addition, units of competency that are found to be non-equivalent and complex in nature will be addressed within this stage, in line with the Training Product Organisation Framework and the Training Package Products Development and Endorsement Process Policy.

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SaCSA will send notification to Senior Responsible Officers, the Assurance Body and other JSCs that a consultation strategy and details of the technical committee, including membership and terms of reference, have been published on the SaCSA website.

Ongoing project notifications and updates will be made on this current page of the SaCSA website.

A Technical Committee will be established for this project that includes subject matter experts in their specialised fields, educational experts, state and territory representatives with relevant expertise and training organisations.

To learn more, or submit an expression of interest to join this project’s Technical Committee, visit our Technical Committee page.

There will be opportunity for public and government consultation as part of our national and inclusive process, enabling contributions from key users of the training product being reviewed.

SaCSA will release the draft training product for public consultation including a detailed summary of the changes made and why; draft product for review, including mapping information and draft companion volume implementation guide.

A minimum of four weeks of consultation will occur for this project, ensuring reasonable time is taken for consultation, allowing considered feedback and addressing conflicting views (if required). Consultation may occur through written feedback, attendance at webinars, round tables and phone calls.

Consultation logs will be kept throughout the training product development review process including a high-level summary of all feedback received, and will be published on the SaCSA website.

The Technical Committee will provide feedback and advice throughout the training product development process and final draft of the training products including a statement to form as part of the final submission to the SWAG and CEO of SaCSA.

If additional consultation is required, SaCSA will undertake further consultation with stakeholders to determine revisions and incorporate further feedback.

SaCSA will seek government feedback through Senior Responsible Officers to ensure that implementation issues identified have been addressed appropriately.

SaCSA will submit the draft training products to the Assurance Body as well as publishing the submission on the website at the time of submission to the Assurance Body.

The Assurance Body will assess the submission for compliance and alignment to the TPOF and provide feedback, recommendations and opportunities for revisions (if required).

The Skills Minister will review the training package endorsement and, if approved, publication of the training products will be updated within 10 business days of endorsement.

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