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Service and Creative Skills Australia (SaCSA), formerly SkillsEQuipped, is the Jobs and Skills Council for the Arts, Personal Services, Retail, Tourism and Hospitality sectors. 

SaCSA is one of the 10 newly formed Jobs & Skills Council, supported by the Department of Employment & Workplace Relations (DEWR). We offer guidance and workforce planning advice to the following sectors:


The arts industry is a vibrant and diverse sector that plays a pivotal role in cultural expression, creativity, and entertainment. From screen and gaming to music and dance, this industry tells the story of us, thrives on innovation and individual expression, and with its constantly evolving nature is essential to community wellbeing.


CUA Creative Arts and Culture

Personal Services

The personal services industry is a varied and essential sector focused on meeting the personal and well-being needs of individuals and society . Ranging from beauty and wellness to lifestyle, funeral and domestic services, this industry plays a crucial role in enhancing people’s lives and overall satisfaction.


The retail and wholesale industry is a dynamic and integral sector that bridges the gap between producers and consumers. Spanning a wide array of products and services, across both physical and digital landscapes, retail plays a pivotal role in shaping consumer experiences and influencing market trends.


SIR – Retail Services


The tourism industry is an exciting and multifaceted sector that revolves around the exploration, enjoyment, and appreciation of diverse cultures, landscapes, and experiences. From tour guide and hotel services to travel management, this industry is a key player in fostering connectivity and cultural exchange.


The hospitality industry is a diverse and dynamic sector dedicated to providing exceptional service experiences in food and beverage and event management. As a cornerstone of the service economy, hospitality professionals play a pivotal role in creating memorable and enjoyable moments for guests.

We’re in this

The future of our industries is in our hands. Together we can shape the current and emerging skills needed for the arts, personal services, retail, tourism and hospitality industries.

Industry targeted training products

As a leader in workforce development initiatives, SaCSA collaborates with industry stakeholders to identify and articulate employment challenges both now and into the future and develops qualifications and training products that best serve those needs.

Taking a tripartite approach, we collaborate with a broad range of industry stakeholders, government, and education and training providers to identify, forecast and respond to the current and emerging workforce and skills needs of our unique sectors.

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