Strategic Workforce Advisory Groups

Your industry knowledge is an essential part of shaping and strengthening the future of the Arts, Personal Services, Retail, Tourism and Hospitality sectors in Australia.

What is a Strategic Workforce Advisory Group?

A Strategic Workforce Advisory Group (SWAG) is a dedicated group of experts brought together to provide strategic guidance, industry insights and advice on workforce-related matters as well as recommendations and advice on project priorities for Service and Creative Skills Australia (SaCSA). 

SWAGs aim to enhance workforce planning, development, and optimisation in alignment with our goals and future industry needs.

SaCSA will establish 5 SWAGs to represent the industries we service. Our first groups to be formed will be for the Arts and Tourism, commencing in 2024. 

Key roles of our SWAGs:

Representing the vocational training and skills needs of an industry sector

Providing advice on career and educational pathways, opportunities and priorities.


Ensuring, where possible, all states and territories are represented. 

Who is eligible to join a SWAG?

Members of SWAGs will be selected on merit based on factors including:  

  • Relevant knowledge skills and experience in the areas of industry relevant to the SWAG.
  • Their networks and spheres of influence which would assist the work of the SWAG.  
  • The geographic and other distributional factors that would make the SWAG representative of the industry at large; and
  • Their capacity and capability to deliver on the objectives outlined in their Terms of Reference, which will be developed and endorsed by the Board.  

For more information on the roles, nomination and selection, communication, terms and powers of voting for our SWAGs refer to our Strategic Workforce Advisory Group Nomination and Selection Process by clicking the button below.


A female Director is working on a set giving instructions.


Applications Closed

Our Arts SWAG is comprised of individuals with extensive experience and knowledge in the Arts sector who are supporting us to rewrite the script to build a stronger Arts sector in Australia. 

Three hikers stand on a beach with large cliffs, one points towards the water. They are surrounded by a cave entrance that frames them.

Tourism SWAG

Applications Closed

Made up of industry experts, our Tourism SWAG is taking the industry further than its ever been before, helping us to create a stronger workforce of tomorrow.  


A relaxed woman receives a beauty treatment in a candle lit room.

Personal Services SWAG

Applications Closed

Shape the future of the Personal Services industry by sharing your extensive knowledge and experience as part of a Personal Services Strategic Workforce Advisory Group.

A male retail worker serves a female customer.

Retail SWAG

Applications Closed

Share your extensive experience, knowledge and insights in the Retail industry by joining our Retail Strategic Workforce Advisory Group.



red wine is poured into a wine glass.

Hospitality SWAG

Applications Closed

Help strengthen the future Australia’s Hospitality industry by providing your extensive knowledge and experience as part of our Hospitality Strategic Workforce Advisory Group. 

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